Lightning strikes can be fatal

Nov 11, 2010

Lightning strikes can have dangerous consequences.

Random tragedies can sometimes serve as a reminder of the importance of protecting loved ones against the unexpected by carrying a life insurance policy.

One such example is lightning strikes. The latest incident comes from Wakefield, Massachusetts, where a Boston Herald report described how one local resident was injured by lightning in severe thunderstorms that were passing through the area.

While that particular individual was able to escape serious injury, not everyone is so lucky. In fact, lightning strikes can be fatal.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 34 people were killed by lightning in 2009, up from 27 in 2008. The federal agency added that the 10-year average for fatal lightning strikes is actually 41.

The report went on to state that Florida leads the nation in fatal lightning incidents, with five in 2009. Following on that list were North Carolina and Texas, which reported three each last year. In general, the best way to avoid becoming another statistic in a fatal lightning strike is to get inside when a thunderstorm looms. And given the unpredictable nature of many dangerous injuries, carrying life insurance is often a sound idea.

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