Loggers run risks every day, making life insurance an important option

Nov 22, 2010

Loggers face serious risks on the job

Consistently ranking at or near the top in most lists of dangerous jobs in the U.S., loggers face numerous hazards on the job each day, according to a report from Maine television station WLBZ.

Falling trees, blinding snow, and machines getting stuck in the mud are among the many dangers loggers face, according to the NBC affiliate. Former logger Jody Dangle told WLBZ about an instance in 2005 when he was struck by a dead limb.

"[It] actually hit me so hard, it threw me sideways. It didn't crush me straight down; it threw me sideways so hard that I flew into the back of the skidder, hitting it. I broke ribs and bruised my jaw and everything," Dangle said to the TV station.

With such hazards present, loggers who are the primary breadwinners for their families should strongly consider a life insurance policy, experts say. If the worst should happen, such coverage could at least provide for the deceased's family in the absence of his or her salary.

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