Lower premiums and cut medical bills in half

Oct 07, 2011

Staying healthy can lower insurance premiums.

Purchasing life insurance is a great way to protect assets and ensure financial stability for family and loved ones in the event of a tragedy. While there are many options for consumers comparing life insurance quotes, it is important they start looking for the best policy early so they lock down a low premium and build up a large cash value over time.

One way to get a low monthly rate on life insurance is to purchase a policy at a young age when the consumer is most healthy. While a younger policyholder may have less money to invest in a policy, he or she can opt for a term plan instead of whole life insurance to avoid added costs. But no matter the type of life insurance coverage, a healthy consumer will always receive a lower quote.

Because age and physical health are key factors in determining a policyholder's rate, consumers should take care of themselves so their medical examination highlights how fit and well they are. The news source reported that excess body weight, high consumption of alcohol and other unhealthy behaviors can have a significant impact on the quality of a consumer's life as well as their premium payments.

Smart Money recently reported one way to get back to a healthy lifestyle when searching for a life insurance policy is through daily deal sites. Online coupon distributors offer consumers limited-time-only promotions from various companies and organizations looking for new customers, including doctors and other healthcare providers.

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