Lung cancer deaths decrease when CT screening used

Nov 22, 2010

Research shows getting a CT scan may be more helpful than x-rays

Lung cancer has long been associated with smoking and high life insurance premiums. New research reveals there may be a way to help reduce the number of deaths associated with the condition.

The National Cancer Institute has released results from a trial in which it evaluated lung cancer screenings with low-dose helical computer tomography and chest x-rays.

The research found 20 percent fewer people died with CT than with chest X-rays.

Dr. Constantine Gatsonis, director of the ACRIN biostatistics and Data Management Center, says the study reveals using CT is very powerful.

"The main conclusion on the reduction of mortality due to lung cancer and the reduction of overall mortality constitute powerful evidence about the effectiveness of screening with helical CT," says Gatsonis.

While the findings show some benefit to receiving CT screenings over x-rays, the best way to avoid lung cancer is to never smoke or quit the habit. There are a number of programs and aids available to those who are trying to quit smoking. A healthcare professional may also be able to offer further services.

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