Lung health crucial to life expectancy

Dec 06, 2010

Shortness of breath and other lung-related issues should be checked out immediately by a doctor.

A Massachusetts man recently had some incredible luck as he got to make a small piece of medical history.

This week, various media outlets featured the story of 75-year-old Ron Sveden, who was thought to have lung cancer. A Boston Globe report noted that instead, doctors determined that a pea seed was actually growing in the man's lung, which had collapsed as a result of heavy coughing and pneumonia.

The newspaper added that the sprout was about a half an inch tall, and that the patient has recovered since its removal from his system.

While this particular individual turned out to be extremely lucky, not everyone who has abnormalities detected on their lungs will be. In fact, the American Lung Association advises people to consult with their healthcare provider as soon as possible if they experience a chronic cough lasting more than a month, or other symptoms such as persistent shortness of breath.

Concern about lung cancer is just one reason why it's advisable for people to quit smoking. Another good reason is that smokers typically pay far more money for life insurance premiums over time.

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