Man diagnosed with breast cancer denied Medicaid

Sep 29, 2011

A man was denied Medicaid treatment for breast cancer because he is a man.

Raymond Johnson, a construction worker from Charleston, South Carolina, found out he was one of roughly 2,000 men per year who develop breast cancer last month. Johnson also found out some shocking news; he would not be covered by Medicaid, as its rules say men are not covered for breast cancer treatments.

Johnson is currently going through his second round of chemotherapy, which costs him about $10,000 for each treatment. He is paying for the treatments out of pocket, and according to LifeInsuranceAdvisors website, may also have a harder time buying life insurance after the treatment is complete.

Without insurance from his job, Johnson was already unsure how he would pay for the treatments, telling ABC he makes $9 an hour. Jeff Stensland, public information officer for South Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services, told the news source that it will be hard to get over the "overly rigid interpretation" of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act of 2000, which is denying Johnson help with the payment.

LifeInsuranceAdvisors said that that it pays for breast cancer survivors to shop around on an annual basis, as life insurance rates could improve on a yearly basis.

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