March of Dimes hosting chef benefit event in Wisconsin

Dec 21, 2010

A meal put on by the March of Dimes will help raise funds.

Chefs in the Madison, Wisconsin, area are gathering together to assist a March of Dimes benefit.

The organization, which provides funds for pregnancy and newborn care, said money raised during the Signature Chefs Auction will help support research and educational programs. In all 16, cooks will gather on November 9 at the Monona Terrace to present their special dishes.

"What better way to enjoy a wonderful meal than in the company of others who are helping babies get a healthy start in life," said Kay-Tee Franke, chair of this year's March of Dimes event.

According to the organization, the most pressing infant health concern facing the country is premature birth, as around 500,000 newborns face this difficulty every year.

Pregnancy can also be a dangerous time for expecting mothers, who may also face their own health difficulties. Following a physician's advice can help lower these concerns.

Life insurance is also a matter families may think about as they grow. Having coverage can be especially important when children enter into the mix.

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