Marginal alcohol intake good for diabetes and RTR patients

Dec 21, 2010

A study finds that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol is good for diabetes and RTR patients.

A study reported by Renal and Urology News indicates that moderate alcohol consumption is associated with a low prevalence of post-transplant diabetes and decreased risk of death in renal transplant recipients.

University Medical Center Groningen doctoral candidate Dorien Zelle was in charge of the study in which 600 RTR with a mean age of 51 years and a median of almost six years post-transplant participated and was used as the data for the study. After seven years of analysis, of the 600 subjects, the results of the study revealed that 33 of the patients who drank alcohol in moderation died compared to 75 of the alcohol-free patients, 23 of the sporadic drinkers and two of the heavy drinkers. Moderate alcohol consumption was associated with a 44 percent decreased risk of death, according to researchers.

The report noted that moderate alcohol consumption was associated with 67 percent decreased odds of post-transplant diabetes. The investigators concluded that, “Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol appears to be protective against diabetes and mortality in RTR.”

The fact remains that consistently dieting and exercising properly will benefit lives from a physical and financial perspective. Healthier individuals will generally pay less for life insurance premiums. The chance of acquiring a disease diminishes when an individual follows a healthy lifestyle.

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