Men and women view weight loss differently

Feb 01, 2011

Men and women tackle weight loss differently

One of the more common New Year's resolutions is to lose weight or consume a healthier diet. A study reveals that how men and women go about achieving that goal may be somewhat different.

A survey sponsored by Herbalife found that 40 percent of women want to lose weight for aesthetic purposes. However, for 27 percent of men, feeling unhealthy was their top motivating factor. Additionally, the research shows women are more likely to begin their weight loss efforts after gaining as little as five pounds in comparison to men.

Herbalife nutrition education vice president Dr. Luigi Gratton says it's easier to get weight under control early in the game.

"Men might be wise to think more like women in deciding to tackle their weight early on," says Gratton. "For one thing, it's easier to lose a little than to lose a lot, and as weight goes up, so do the risks to health."

One thing both men and women can benefit from is the likelihood of reduced life insurance rates as a result of their improved health. Being overweight is considered a liability for both sexes.  

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