Michigan initiative provides mammograms for uninsured women

Dec 21, 2010

A program in Michigan is trying to help women get mammograms.

A program in Michigan is trying to help uninsured women in southwestern part of the state get mammograms, which could end up saving their lives.

According to the Kalamazoo Gazette, Amy Boston is one of the women who were saved by the Pink Saturdays Breast Cancer Screenings, which have been around for four years. Two years ago she heard about the program on the radio and went in for a test.

Boston's mammogram led to a cancer diagnosis, which could have taken her life if she hadn't been screened.

"It's three seconds that can save your life," Boston told the paper.

Debi Howe, who presides over the Pink Saturdays initiative, said the number of women who get breast cancer tests in that part of the state is low. While discomfort in getting a mammogram may be an issue, she said finances could also be keeping women from getting screened.

Not getting mammograms can lead to a life-threatening situation for women. And while prevention may help, the potential for getting cancer may remind females about looking into health and life insurance policies.

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