Mock Wild West reenactment goes horribly wrong

Jul 13, 2011

Wild West dangerous even today

A regular tourist event in Hill City, South Dakota ended with three people being shot, according to Reuters. The Wild West reenactment is supposed to use guns loaded with fake bullets, but authorities believe some of them may have been live using rounds of ammunition, further proving that it is never a bad time to invest in a life insurance policy.

"We don't know if it's a criminal investigation. What we do know is that those victims were hit with some type of projectile. We haven't been able to determine what type of projectiles those are at this time," Lt. Marty Graves of the Pennington County Sheriff's Office, told the Rapid City Journal.

Officials said the injuries were consistent with those of a bullet wound, Reuters reports. However, no actual bullets or fragments were recovered. It is unclear if the shots did in fact come from the reenactor's guns, but they were taken as evidence.

The staged shootout had been performed four times a week during summer months by the Dakota Wild Bunch Riders, often drawing crowds as large as 160 people. The events were held to raise money for charity, but have now been cancelled. 

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