Motorists admit to driving with poor vision

Dec 21, 2010

People report driving with poor vision

A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says more than 33,000 people died in a motor vehicle accident last year.

A portion of those lives lost may be from people not being able to see properly. A study from England reveals that a large number of motorists admit to driving even though they have poor vision.

Of the survey respondents who don't have an eye wear prescription, 23 percent say they cannot see perfectly and 6 percent said they experience difficulty seeing in certain weather conditions.

Optician Tony Russell says it's important for people to get their vision checked regularly.

"Eye care is often neglected, especially by people who have never worn glasses before," says Russell. "Regardless of how accurate you feel your eyesight is, it generally changes over time and it may not be immediately noticeable because you tend to get used to imperfect vision as it slowly deteriorates."

The fact that many admit to driving even though they can't see well highlights the importance of having life insurance. Even if one is careful with their own actions, they don't have any oversight in what others do. Having life insurance can provide peace of mind in case the unthinkable occurs.

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