Motorists reminded to be careful driving in construction zones

Nov 16, 2010

Motorists need to use extra caution while driving through construction zones

Efforts to combat distracted driving have gained support from celebrities to local organizations. A large number of fatal accidents occur each year because a motorist took their eyes off the road, helping to bring to light the importance of having life insurance. People never think they will be involved in a tragic accident, but it happens every day.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is taking a different twist on distracted driving and is also reminding motorists to be extra mindful while driving through construction zones. Nearly 3,000 accidents have already taken place in construction areas in the state, according to ODOT.

"It only takes seconds to travel through most work zones," says ODOT director Jolene Molitoris. "So we are asking motorists to at least put their cell phones down when they see orange barrels. One fatality on the road is one too many - it's time for all drivers to look up, hang up and go slow for the cone zone."

In many cases, motorists are asked to reduce their speed while driving through construction areas. A failure to do so frequently results in a fine. It's important to be extra mindful when driving through construction zones because special instructions need to be followed.

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