MTV encourages teens to drive safely

Nov 15, 2010

An MTV campaign is encouraging teens to drive safely.

Cable network MTV is partnering with a number of organizations to help younger motorists stay safe.

Marketing company Mindshare and insurance provider American Family have joined with the network to try and get the word out. MTV programs will feature engaging in safe driving practices while taking part in plot-points for the show.

"More teens die in car accidents than any other cause in this country, and we need to continue to look for ways to raise awareness and reduce these tragedies," said Lisa Bacus, marketing vice president for the insurance company.

The two shows picked include the Road Trip Adventure microseries, which is available for download, and reality show The Ride. The latter follows a number of high school football players as they attempt to take part in a nationally televised game.

Efforts have been made across the country by many organizations to encourage teens to keep safety in mind while behind the wheel. That includes highlighting the dangers of distracted driving.

Teens aren't the only ones on the road who should practice safe driving. Fatal accidents can happen, which is why consumers may consider life insurance to protect their family's financial futures.

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