Murdered woman's family fights over large life insurance claim

Oct 06, 2011

A man has still get to get his wife's life insurance payout after her children accused him of being involved in her murder.

Phyllis Mizioch, who was murdered last summer, had a large life insurance policy and her family is now fighting in federal court as to who should get the $4.5 million payout, according to the Tucson Citizen.

Mizioch's husband Peter J. Mizioch is named as beneficiary on two insurance policies and claims he should be entitled to the money, the news source said, but her adult children allege in a U.S. District Court complain that their stepfather was responsible for the homicide and should be barred from receiving the money under the law.

The children have no direct evidence of his involvement, but say that his connection to other murder victims with large life insurance policies is a powerful circumstantial string of evidence. Mizioch, a Phoenix-area businessman, denies any part of the slayers, all of which remain unsolved.

The Arizona Republic said the shooting of Phyllis Mizioch marked the fourth time in 21 years that Peter Mizioch or his best friend and associate Edward Maciag was listed as a beneficiary on a murder victim's life insurance policy. Investigators have questioned Mizioch and Maciag on there of the cases, the news source said. 

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