Nationwide effort tries to combat obesity with nutrients

Dec 21, 2010

The ADA is trying to fight obesity by focusing on nutrients

Americans' expanding waistlines have been called an epidemic by some professionals. Even the nation's children aren't exempt from the weight gain sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets create.

In an effort to combat childhood obesity, the American Dietetic Association is launching an national effort called Kids Eat Right to get children's eating habits on track.

ADA president Judith Rodriguez says their campaign differs from most already being promoted. Instead of emphasizing a reduction of access to junk food, the ADA will be focusing on getting enough nutrients in one's diet.

"Our children are simultaneously overfed with empty calorie food and drinks and undernourished," says Rodriguez. "Kids Eat Right aims to ensure quality nutrition for all youth - that each child meets their nutrient requirements, gets adequate physical activity and maintains a healthy weight."

Consuming an unhealthy diet on the regular basis and not being physically active can increase one's likelihood of obesity and the onslaught of health conditions excess weight can bring. Additionally, poor lifestyle conditions can also lead to higher health and life insurance premiums.

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