New growth method for stem cells may help adults

Aug 03, 2011

Stem cell growth may help save lives

Growing adult stem cells has been a difficult process for scientists over the years, but a new plastic surface may limit those problems, according to the BBC. The standard surfaces that were traditionally used made it difficult to grow a large amount of stem cells and proved troublesome in retaining the cells' useful characteristics.

Researchers are hoping this advancement may lead to the regeneration of bone and tissue with the cells, which may help reduce the number of life insurance claims and help with arthritis, the media outlet reports.

The cells were able to grow more effectively because the surface is covered with tiny pits. Those pits allowed stem cells to grow and spread into useful cells, possibly helping to cure life-threatening diseases.

Traditionally these cells would be harvested from a patient and then cultured in a laboratory. When this happens the cells grow on standard plastic tissue, which does not always expand to create new stem cells, only reproducing cells that are of no use to the patient, according to the news source. 

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