Not all Massachusetts towns eligible for tornado aid

Jul 01, 2011

Reports say not all residents in Massachusetts are eligible for federal aid after tornadoes rocked the Springfield area

Though the tornadoes that tore through parts of western and central Massachusetts recently may have had some residents re-thinking their decision to skip on life insurance, a report says many might also find a lack of financial assistance from the federal government.

WBZ-TV in Boston reports some towns in Worcester County may not be eligible for federal aid because their county wasn't hit as hard as towns in neighboring Hampden County. The Worcester County towns of Sturbridge and Southbridge were both leveled by the storms, but because so few other towns in their country received aid, local homeowners may be without recourse.

The report said Governor Deval Patrick has asked the president to make an exemption.

"County borders are little more than geographical/political demarcations of jurisdiction. The Towns of Sturbridge and Southbridge should not be excluded from receiving federal financial assistance merely by being on the wrong side of a county line, a boundary not respected by the tornado's path," said Patrick, according to the source.

Though tornadoes are infrequent in Massachusetts, they aren't unprecedented, making it important for families in the region to insure themselves with life insurance.

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