Obesity Society upset by FDA approval delay of obesity drug

Mar 10, 2011

The Obesity Society is disappointed by the FAA's recent delay of approval for an obesity drug.

The Obesity Society has publicly expressed its disappointment in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for delaying the approval of a recent obesity medication, the group announced.

This delay may, in actuality, amount to a complete denial, since in order to be reconsidered the FDA has mandated that the company conduct an expansive long-term study into the effects of the drug, the costs of which it would likely be unable to afford, the society says.

This disappointment is a result of a mounting number of denials for FDA approval of obesity drugs. The last time the FDA approved an obesity drug was 1999, the group said.

The culprit may be the fact that obesity medications are held to unreasonably high standards, according to Obesity Society president, Dr. Jennifer Lovejoy. "The FDA seems to expect that any obesity medication must be as free of side effects as tap water. This is an unrealistic standard and one to which medications for other diseases are not held," Lovejoy said.

The group is concerned about the long-term consequences that denying so many obesity medicines may have on research into the disorder.

Those who are overweight may be at risk for related life-threatening illnesses and thus may be charged higher health and life insurance premiums as a result.

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