Ohio low on funding for indigent funerals

Apr 26, 2011

Ohio no longer has funding to assist poor families with burying their loved ones.

Ohio is having an increasingly difficult time funding burials for poorer residents who are unable to afford a funeral, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

The state used to set aside $1.5 million per year for burials of those who were unable to otherwise afford a funeral. However, after the arrival of the recession, budget cuts eliminated that source of money, leaving the poor with few options outside of community organizations and charitable individuals, the source said.

The problem has gotten to the extent where some very poor individuals don't claim the bodies of family members because they cannot afford any of the expenses of interment or even cremation, according to the source.

"These folks are .... just focusing on survival, so .... burial plans are just out of the question," Jack French of the Athens County Department of Job and Family Services told the newspaper.

For individuals concerned about the cost of a life insurance policy, term life insurance, which is frequently a less expensive option than whole life insurance, may be affordable and could help them avoid placing the burden of their burial on relatives at the time of their death.

The issues occurring in Ohio reinforce the fact that life insurance is important, even for individuals without dependents, in order to cover expenses they incur during their death.

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