OSHA gives organizations funds for safety training

Dec 21, 2010

OSHA is helping make work conditions safer

Thousands of Americans go into work everyday to an environment that poses exceptionally hazardous risks. The United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration says more than 4,000 people died while at work last year.

Those who are exposed to dangerous work conditions would be wise to follow all safety precautions as closely as possible. Purchasing life insurance is also a good investment for such individuals should the worst happen.

To help keep workers safe on the job, OSHA is providing $8 million in funds to organizations to help provide safety training and programs for employees. A total of 45 organizations will benefit from the financial awards. Roughly $6.7 million will go to 30 companies to bolster their existing programs, with the remaining $1.3 million going toward 15 new programs.

"Ensuring that workers and employers have the information they need is critical to safe and healthy workplaces," says Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. "These grants will help provide training and education aimed at identifying hazards, understanding rights and responsibilities, protecting health and saving lives."

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