Overheating is a year-round problem

Nov 18, 2010

People need to be careful of hazardous work conditions

A countless number of workers are exposed to hazardous conditions every day. In some cases, such environments can be so severe they can cause death.

Those who work in environments which may pose a threat to their health and well-being should consider purchasing a life insurance policy. A policyholder's beneficiaries will receive financial assistance from a life insurance policy when they pass away.

Work-related accidents may be more frequent than some people realize. At least six people died in Alabama this past summer from heat-related complications.

Bureau of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease director Jim McVay says everyone needs to be aware of the warning signs of heat stroke.

"Additional precautions need to be taken by individuals who are working in jobs such as roofers or those who have extended physical activity during the heat of the day, such as runners," says McVay.

People need to be cautious of overheating even during the fall months. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights firefighters, bakers, farmers, and construction workers as some professions where employees may be at an increased risk of being exposed to excessive heat levels.

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