People need to be mindful of the dangers of electrical appliances

Dec 21, 2010

It's important to watch out for home fires

A home fire can end in tragedy. All it takes is an unattended candle, space heater or other electrical appliance for a blaze to start. Given how easy it is for a fatal fire to begin, it's important for people to consider life insurance to protect their loved ones in case the unthinkable happens.

Furthermore, people should try to ward off dangers by practicing safety at home. There are several simple actions that can be taken to prevent the likelihood of a home fire, according to Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Commissioner Marshal Newman.

"Falling asleep while smoking in bed or in a comfortable chair remains a significant cause of fire deaths in Tennessee," says Newman. "If you smoke, make sure your home's smoke detectors are functioning properly."

Smoke detectors can be relatively inexpensive to purchase and can be found at most retailers. People should install the devices on each floor and wherever people sleep. Families with young children should ensure they practice fire drills and discuss what to do in an emergency. Having a plan in place will help ensure everyone is prepared.

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