People point finger at workplace environment for unhealthy lifestyles

Nov 19, 2010

Some say their work environment is to blame for their poor health

Living a healthy lifestyle has been shown to lead to longer lives and lower life insurance premiums. However, taking the steps to eat a balanced diet and get enough exercise can be difficult to achieve.

A study commissioned by the World Heart Federation shows that many workers believe their employer should make their work place a more healthy environment. More than 30 percent said they feel that their surroundings at work actually make it more difficult for them to be healthy.

Global Health and Health Industries at the world Economic Forum senior director Olivier Raynaud says over the years more employers have recognized the benefits of creating a work environment that promotes health.

"Apart from having a responsibility towards employees' health, employers stand to benefit from introducing workplace-wellness programmes, as they have been shown to decrease absenteeism, while increasing productivity, retention, creativity and innovation" says Raynaud."

Additionally, having healthy employees can also reduce a company's expenses. Those who are in better condition require less medical care, which can mean lower rates for health insurance as well.

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