Pharmaceutical giants partner up to take on diabetes

Feb 01, 2011

Partnership to work on diabetes management

Eli Lilly and German consortium Boehringer - Ingelheim announced they would team up to develop and market some of their top research chemicals aimed at controlling diabetes. The companies hope that sharing knowledge will lead to scientific and commercial success.

Andreas Barner, Boehringer - Ingelheim's chairman of the board, said the partnership will benefit both companies.

"This cooperation will give Boehringer - Ingelheim and Lilly the combined benefits of Lilly's expertise in the diabetes market and two basal insulin analogues as well as Boehringer - Ingelheim's rich and innovative late-stage pipeline," he said.

The German company is currently developing a once-daily pill that could eventually replace injections as the standard treatment regimen for diabetes sufferers, according to the announcement, which also says the pill - called Lingaliptin - is already under regulatory review in Europe, Japan, and the U.S.

There is no cure for diabetes. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help avoid developing the condition, as well as leading to lower life insurance rates.

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