Phone app designed to make consumers healthier

Nov 22, 2010

A new app is designed to help make positive food decisions easier

Technology is often blamed for at least part of America's weight problem. From television to video games, a number of health experts have asserted that such devices are contributing to people's sedentary lifestyle.

Recently, a major health insurance company decided to use technology to help those it covers by developing an iPhone application. Consumers can look up and compare nutrition facts on food items before they are in the store. Additionally, they can use the information to prepare their supermarket list with health in mind.

"Today people are busier than ever before and the trip to the grocery store can feel like just one more chore to race through and check off your list, but the choices you make can impact the health of your family for the entire week," says Pam Kehaly, a representative from the insurance company.

It's important for consumers to make wise food decisions because it affects their health and, potentially, life insurance premiums. Many insurers charge higher rates for those who have certain conditions as they are often considered a greater liability to cover.

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