Pilot program gets award for informing diverse populations about diabetes

Nov 15, 2010

A program providing information about diabetes was recently recognized.

Some populations may experience higher instances of certain diseases, including diabetes.

Recently, a pilot program created for Blue Cross Blue Shield attempted to bridge a gap regarding diabetes care for African-Americans and Hispanics. The program included new ways to reach these communities in a way that would convey the dangers of having the disease.

The program was awarded with the company's Best of Blue Clinical Distinction Award, which are given to initiatives that show innovation in healthcare. Terri Amano, a senior product manager with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, said certain communities see increased incidents of some diseases, regardless of their insurance coverage.

"With this pilot, our goal was to find ways to provide useful and relevant information to our Hispanic and African-American members," Amano said. "This information helps them better control their diabetes and improve their quality of life."

A family history of diabetes can lead to higher life insurance rates for consumers. However, having a nutritious diet and maintaining an exercise regimen could help improve premium costs.

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