Popular weight loss program changes

Dec 21, 2010

A popular diet program is switching it's plan

The countdown to New Year's is on and for many people, that means a resolution to drop extra weight. One of the most popular diet programs is Weight Watchers.

Those who have tried to lose weight may be familiar with the plan, which offers a point system to help people monitor their food intake. For the first time in over a decade, the program is changing its weight loss formula.

The new points system does not treat every calorie the same. For example, a 100 calorie cookie doesn't count the same way towards one's intake as an apple with the same amount of calories.

"Our new PointsPlus program is based on the latest scientific research and is designed to guide people to foods that are nutrient-dense and highly satisfying, ensuring they will make healthful decisions, have successful weight loss and learn to keep their weight off long-term," said Weight Watchers chief scientific officer Karen Miller-Kovach.

Enrolling in a weight loss program can end up paying for itself. People who are healthier are less likely to require costly medical treatments and are often rewarded with better life insurance premiums from insurers.

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