Possible life insurance error holds $200,000 from widow

Oct 06, 2011

A widow of a police officer is filing suit against the North Chicago Police Department after she said the failed to file the correct paperwork for her husband's life insurance claim.

The widow of a deceased North Chicago police officer is still waiting for $200,000 from her husband's $300,000 life insurance policy and claims that the North Chicago Police Department made an error in filing proper paperwork with the insurance company, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Dean Vincent, a sergeant with the North Chicago Police, had undergone two heart surgeries in four months before he died, the news source said. He called his employer to make sure the life insurance was intact the day before he passed away.

The Tribune says more than a year later, his wife Susan Vincent still has not received two-thirds of the claim and has filed a lawsuit saying the city failed to file proper paperwork for her husband and other employees who paid premiums from their paychecks.

Vincent received $100,000 from her husband's policy three months after his passing, the news source said. Court documents show the life insurance company told her the city failed to submit paperwork requesting a change in the benefit amount. The lawsuit said the city's human resource director told Vincent it happened with several people.

Money from these types of insurance claims can provide significant economic assistance for dependents, who may otherwise be saddled with hefty bills and debt after the death of a loved one. Beneficiaries should make sure to review all of the documents pertaining to an insurance policy to make sure they are receiving the money allotted to them.

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