Predictive technology can help to forecast heart attacks

Oct 06, 2011

Heart attacks may be much more predictable due to recent breakthroughs in biotechnology.

Many life insurance policyholders today purchase coverage not only because they may have family histories of illness, but also due to fear of the unexpected. However, recent insight into the causes of heart attacks may allow individuals to save money on their plans and remain well-insured.

New imaging tests that measure content in blood vessels can determine particular levels of heart attack risks in patients, according to CNN Health. Two of these scans, the coronary calcium scan and the ultrasound of carotid artery, detect plaque build-up in blood leading to the heart and to the brain, respectively.

Though the calcium scan is best suited for patients 50 and older, according to Dr. Arthur Agatston of Miami, adults of all ages shouldn't be selective of preventive treatment when it comes to the most volatile threats to human life.

"Unless you do the imaging, you are really playing Russian roulette with your life," he said.

The majority of hospitals in the U.S. now offer these scans, according to the source - some for less than $100, while others may be covered by Medicare. Being able to better predict heart attacks can help minimize the variables that contribute to the shape of a life insurance policy, and make rates that much more affordable.

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