Prepare the vehicle for winter weather

Jan 26, 2011

Be safe on the roads when driving in a winter storm.

Along with happy holidays and plentiful amounts of food, the winter months also bring dangerous weather conditions for states across the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has supplied tips for motorists that want to be prepared for what the elements have to offer.

Following guidelines like monitoring the vehicle's fuel and anti-freeze level as well as checking the tread on the tires are simple but crucial steps drivers should adhere to.

The CDC puts a strong emphasis on having a first-aid kit and emergency supplies in every vehicle. Some of the items cited include blankets, food, water, booster cables, a bag of sand or salt and a flash light.

In case a driver becomes stranded in a storm, the CDC recommends staying in the vehicle unless a safe location is less than 100 yards away, making sure to keep the arms and legs moving so one's body temperature and circulation remain at a reasonable level.

Those not fortunate enough to avoid the dangers of a winter storm, should be sure to provide themselves with life insurance because it supplies financial support when something tragic happens.

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