Probate judge denies retrial in the case of an Alabama attorney's contested will

May 17, 2011

A retrial in the case of an attorney's contested will has been denied.

A judge has denied the motion for a new trial in the case of the contested will of a Mobile, Alabama attorney. The attorney's girlfriend was attempting to get a new trial after a previous ruling invalidated the attorney's will, which had left his entire estate to her, according to the Press-Register.

The earlier case, according to the source, discussed whether or not the attorney had the right to change the beneficiary of his $100,000 life insurance policy and leave the funds to his girlfriend instead of his two daughters, who were previously listed on the policy.

Much of the case's contention may be linked to the fact that the attorney's girlfriend is accused of allegedly forging the will. The source says the address to receive mail from the life insurance company was changed just prior to the changing of the beneficiary. The attorneys for the state also note that the signatures do not match and the differences are "very, very blatant."

Clear and thorough end-of-life discussions can sometimes resolve issues of contested wills and life insurance policies. However, few have these talks with loved ones, according to a recent study, which found that only 20 to 25 percent of Americans have end-of-life instructions.

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