Product recalls serve as a reminder to always be prepared

Nov 15, 2010

Consumers need to pay attention to product recalls

It's important for consumers to pay close attention to any product recalls. Such advisories can help protect people from potential hazards.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reminding owners of certain Ford vehicles to take their cars to a dealership for repair. A defective cruise control system has been found to cause fires.

Even a vehicle that is turned off can still catch on fire, placing occupants at risk. The NHSTA says roughly 17.5 million Ford vehicles have been recalled since 1999 because of the problem.

Also this month, a fire alarm control panel was recalled by Fire-Lite Alarms for failure to sound.

These are just a couple of instances where products that are designed to increase ease of use and safety have malfunctioned. While such recalls do not necessarily mean something detrimental will happen if one of the questioned products is used, it does show that even items thought to be fine can pose risks.

People should consider purchasing life insurance regardless of their current situation. The coverage is just one way consumers can guard themselves against the unknown.

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