Professor offers new insight into dieting

Nov 29, 2010

Snack cake diet causes confusion

Maintaining a healthy diet is more important than ever in an age of skyrocketing obesity and diabetes levels across the country. In fact, keeping a moderate weight is one of the best ways to avoid the high life insurance premiums and added medical costs that tend to come with many chronic health conditions.

However, there are many mixed message about what constitutes healthy dieting activities and what types of foods should be consumed while attempting to lose weight. And unfortunately, this can sometimes take away from the basic fact that one of the most important dieting strategies is to simply burn more calories than one consumes.

At Kansas State University, professor Mark Haub has been trying to drive home this point by spending the last several weeks subsisting on a diet consisting mostly of snack cakes - and in fact, he's actually lost 10 pounds during the process.

"It doesn't matter where the macronutrients are derived from as long as essential nutrients are consumed at the recommended levels, and the fuel is consumed at a level at or below energy expenditure," said Staub.

Staub also suggested that some diets are less successful than others because people can become bored of their food options.

Regardless of the tactics one uses to maintain a healthy weight, the payoffs can be considerable when weighing the added burdens of chronic illness and higher insurance premiums.

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