Proposal would ban smoking at NYC parks and beaches

Nov 29, 2010

NYC parks could go smoke-free

While many people know that smoking is likely to shorten their life expectancy and result in substantially higher costs for health and life insurance, they may not always be able to quit this addictive habit without substantial motivation.

Of course, there are already numerous motivations to quit, from the high taxes many states now impose on tobacco to the growing availability of products that make it easier to break the smoking habit.

For those who want to break the habit, their will power may also benefit from numerous laws around the country that bar smoking on airline flights and in public places like bars and restaurants.

In fact, that list of places may start to grow if more cities and states take an interest in a recent proposal from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. According to a New York Times report, Bloomberg plans to introduce a proposal to the city council banning smoking in the city's 1,700 parks and playgrounds, as well as on its 14 miles of beaches.

Whatever motivates them to quit, those who do succeed will reap the long-term benefits in the form of better health and physical endurance, while also saving money on life insurance policies.

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