Protein-rich nuts may help lower risk of heart disease

Dec 08, 2010

Nuts are a good source of protein

Protein is an important component of one's diet. Every cell, tissue and organ is comprised of protein, which is needed to build and repair tissues. The foods eaten for a source of protein can greatly affect one's health.

Research from the American Heart Association suggests that it would be wise for people not to get most of their protein from red and processed meats.

The 26-year study in women shows that eating more poultry, fish and nuts greatly reduced their risk of developing heart disease. Consuming a serving of nuts each day was shown to lower risk by 30 percent.

"Our study shows that making substitutes for red meat or minimizing the amount of red meat in the diet has important health benefits," said study author and doctoral research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health Adam Bernstein.

Reducing ones risk of developing heart disease is a smart step for improving overall health. Not only could consuming a healthier diet potentially lead to a longer life, but lower life insurance premiums as well.

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