Quit smoking to save money and lives

Nov 19, 2010

There are a number of aids available for people trying to quit smoking

Smoking is a costly habit for people to take on. Many states have begun issuing additional taxes to tobacco product sales in an attempt to steer consumers away from smoking as much.

Healthcare costs can be higher for smokers as well, given that many develop serious conditions over time. Cancer and lung conditions are commonly caused by those who chose to light up. Furthermore, smokers typically face higher life insurance quotes.

The nicotine found in cigarettes and other tobacco products is highly addictive, making it difficult for people to kick the habit. Poland recently revealed the results from its Global Adult Tobacco Survey. Among other findings, the survey reveals that just over half of current smokers would like to quit.

There are several ways people can try to quit smoking. In addition to nicotine patches and gum, The American Cancer Society says hypnosis, acupuncture and low-level laser therapy may be helpful tools for people to try.

Even more important than saving money, kicking the habit will result in major health rewards for the smoker and loved ones who inhale second-hand smoke.

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