Quitting smoking sets the stage for lower premiums

Nov 11, 2010

A smoke-free lifestyle helps save money on life insurance premiums.

Given the higher life insurance premiums that smokers typically pay, it makes sense to do whatever it takes to kick the habit. For some, this has meant using new products like electronic cigarettes, despite concerns about their overall health effects.

The debate over electronic cigarettes took a new turn this week when the Food and Drug Administration contacted five companies about the manufacturing practices and claims associated with these products. Electronic cigarettes use water vapor instead of smoke to deliver nicotine.

"FDA intends to regulate electronic cigarettes and related products in a manner consistent with its mission of protecting the public health," wrote the FDA in a letter to the companies.

Some health experts have questioned whether the electronic cigarettes are any safer than traditional ones because researchers have found that nicotine itself can be linked to cancer.

With many different options available on the market, consumers can consider options like nicotine gum or patches, as well as counseling sessions, to try to break the tobacco habit. By successfully quitting smoking, people can start to realize the health benefits almost immediately while lowering their future life insurance costs.

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