Report calculates added financial costs of being obese

Nov 16, 2010

Physical fitness can save money in numerous ways.

A new report is shedding new light on the financial burdens that people face from being obese or simply just overweight. These burdens range from higher life insurance premiums to lost productivity and added expenses for certain consumer goods, such as clothing and furniture.

The data from the George Washington University Medical Center was released this week and warns that one's level of obesity will result in even greater financial burdens.

For example, women suffering from morbid obesity are likely to face incremental costs nine times greater than those who are merely overweight. Morbidly obese men will face incremental costs six times higher than their overweight counterparts.

In total, the added annual costs from higher life insurance and a wide range of other issues average $4,879 for an obese woman and $2,646 for an obese man. The annual costs of being overweight were said to be $524 for women and $432 for men.

While this data shows the financial implications of carrying too much weight, it does not focus on the other quality of life issues that can come with obesity and the chronic medical conditions it is associated with.

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