Report: Denver Broncos help spread the word about healthy lifestyles

Feb 01, 2011

Childhood health affects future fitness

Miles, the mascot for the NFL's Denver Broncos, visited a middle school in Pueblo to promote healthy eating and exercise, said a report from local television news station KKTV.

Roncalli Middle School students attended an assembly recently at which Miles the Bronco entertained and helped popularize the idea of eating healthier and getting plenty of physical activity, the CBS affiliate said.

The school's faculty advisor for the NFL's Play 60 program, Kelly Anaya, told KKTV getting kids into healthy lifestyles early is important.

"If these kids get involved in sports and activities now, there's a better chance they'll be involved in those through high school. They'll go to college and be physically active. They'll do it for the rest of their life," Anaya said.

The NFL-sponsored program has also provided a number of incentives for students who work to get healthier and encourage others to do the same. A certain number of points earned in the program entitles participants to items from the Play 60 website.

In addition to the many other benefits of a healthy lifestyle, those who stay in shape through adulthood could be eligible for lower rates on life insurance, experts say.

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