Report: Diabetes treatment and diagnosis lags behind target levels

Apr 13, 2011

Diabetes management needs worldwide help

Very few diabetes sufferers around the world are meeting all the targets set by international health organizations for treatment and management of the condition, a recent report by the World Health Organization indicates.

On important measurements like blood glucose levels, serum cholesterol and blood pressure, only about 12 percent at maximum are within the ideal levels dictated by the International Diabetes Foundation. This means, according to the WHO, steps must be taken to improve the treatment of diabetes worldwide.

The group says that the differences among nations in diabetes rates and treatment can offer a number of lessons in how to make those improvements. With the exception of Thailand, the WHO says, every country medicates its diabetes sufferers extensively to manage the three circulatory measurements monitored by the IDF, but does not generally meet treatment targets.

The cost of this lack of effective diabetes management manifests itself in a myriad of ways, including expensive treatments for secondary conditions like heart disease and high premium rates for health and life insurance, according to experts.

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