Report: Hands-on lesson teaches Milwaukee middle school students about nutritional value

Nov 22, 2010

Students learn nutrition and value lessons from grocery trip

A fifth-grade class project at Notre Dame Middle School in Milwaukee wound up contributing more than $300 of healthy food to a local food pantry, according to a report in the city's Journal-Sentinel newspaper.

The class saved up $276 over the previous two months, the newspaper said, and the Pick 'n Save grocery store participating in the project chipped in a voucher for $20. The teacher who organized the project, Kathy Sheehan, told the Journal-Sentinel the point of the exercise was to teach the students math, nutrition, and social science.

The students had learned how to interpret the nutrition labels on packages of food and told to avoid anything made primarily out of high-fructose corn syrup or sugar, the newspaper reported, and they also calculated their items' cost per ounce to gauge value.

Learning to eat a healthy diet early in childhood could be invaluable as a person ages, experts say, since staying in shape and avoiding too much unhealthy food can lead to reduced rates on health and life insurance policies.

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