Research finds many fall asleep behind the wheel

Dec 08, 2010

People who don't get enough sleep at night may fall asleep at the wheel

Not getting enough sleep can have more negative effects than a person may realize. Many people know that when they are tired they may not have optimal performance at work and could struggle to get through a long meeting.

What some people may not be thinking of is the impact getting enough sleep has on their driving. In fact, a National Sleep Foundation poll found that almost 40 percent of drivers said they have actually fallen asleep while driving within the past year.

Taking one's eyes off the road increases the likelihood of getting into an accident, sleeping behind the wheel only increases that risk. A simple way to reduce the likelihood of taking a nap behind the wheel is getting rest at night.

"...Insufficient sleep is plaguing the American population and is one of the leading factors for excessive daytime sleepiness," Dr. Ohayon told the foundation.

When people are excessively tired and fall asleep behind the wheel, they could get into a deadly accident. People should consider getting life insurance in case the unexpected occurs.

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