Research shows importance of vitamin D

Nov 15, 2010

People need to get enough vitamin D

More evidence is emerging on the importance of getting enough vitamin D. Some common sources of the nutrient are fish and eggs. However, getting sun is also crucial for proper absorption.

Lack of vitamin D is known to cause fatigue and weak bones. People can increase their consumption of the nutrient through eating fortified foods and taking supplements.

Two studies from the University of Rochester Medical Center suggests there may be a relationship between not getting enough vitamin D and breast and colon cancer.

URMC assistant professor Dr. Alissa Huston says it's important for people to get at least 1000 IU of vitamin D3 a day.

"Our data certainly suggests that it is important to test patients for serum vitamin D levels, and if necessary, treat the deficiency along with the disease," says Huston. "In some cases, weekly high doses of vitamin D are needed to bring the patient up to sufficient levels."

Following such medical advice may help people live healthier. Furthermore, people may save on their life insurance premiums as a result of such practices.

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