Restaurants incorporate healthy breakfast options

Feb 01, 2011

Healthier options are showing up on fast-food restaurant menus

With New Year's still fresh in the memory, many people are trying to hold true to their vows of eating better in 2011. One way many consumers will attempt to improve their diets is through eating more fruits, vegetables and grains.

One main culprit to people's poor diets is fast food, but some restaurants are trying to reinvent their menus to cater to the more health-conscious. McDonald's, for example, has recently incorporated breakfast options offering more fruits.

Senior Director of Nutrition Cindy Goody says the new breakfast options for people on the go offer a healthier alternative to donuts and sausage biscuits.

"McDonald's wants to help make it easier and more inviting for our guests to eat more whole grains and fruits, and fruit and maple oatmeal is an effective way to help our customers integrate these important food groups into their daily diets," says Goody.

Eating a balanced diet can help people feel better and maintain a healthy weight. Individuals who are in better shape also tend to save money on their life insurance premiums.

To improve health, people should also ensure they get plenty of exercise. 

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