Rice has positive health effects

Jan 26, 2011

Rice is healthy

People who are trying to lose weight are often advised to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Those watching their figure may want to consider adding a helping of rice to their diet.

Research published in Nutrition Today reveals that those who eat rice are less likely to have weight problems and are at a lower risk of developing high blood pressure - two key factors that can result in higher life insurance premiums.

Study author Julie Upton says rice is a good foundation food that can be incorporated with many other healthy options.

"As Americans are encouraged to cut saturated fat, sugar and sodium intake to improve their health, they can feel good about some easy switches that can have a positive impact on their overall health," says Upton. "A serving of rice, brown or white, is a simple and enjoyable way individuals can have a better diet and reduced risk for disease."

Many health experts also advise people to incorporate at least a half hour of exercise into their daily routine. A combination of cardiovascular and weight lifting exercises is needed for optimal health. 

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