Secondhand smoke a considerable health danger

Dec 08, 2010

Secondhand smoke is increasingly seen as a health risk.

Smokers are more than familiar with the reasons why they should kick the habit, ranging from avoiding cancer to paying less for life insurance policies. However, researchers are continuing to identify new risks that secondhand smoke presents to others.

Secondhand smoke is a public health hazard in its own right, contributing to the illnesses and premature deaths of thousands of people each year. This is why many states have moved to crack down on smoking in eateries and other places.

However, an article by Time magazine recently focused on new research which finds that along with undermining people's health, secondhand smoke can also alter one's genes.

The magazine cited research which examined the airway cells of a group of volunteers and found that about a third of non-smokers had genetic responses that appeared to mimic those of smokers and which could even mark the earliest molecular stages of lung disease.

There are many reasons to give up smoking, from saving money on medical bills and life insurance to enjoying a longer and healthier life.

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