Shocking storms remind people how important it is to have life insurance

May 11, 2011

Southern states rocked by tornadoes and storms remind people life is unpredictable

As tornadoes and hurricanes continue too rip through the Southern region of the country and the death toll reaches the hundreds, many people have been struck with the reality that it is never to early to have life insurance, according to CNN.

Violent thunderstorms killed a person inside his home in Arkansas, and a man in Mississippi died when his car hit a downed tree, according to Voice of America News. The Alabama state emergency management agency confirmed to The Associated Press that there had been 300 deaths from the weeklong storms.

Many people wait too long to purchase life insurance, leaving their families with little to no financial support, according to the Wisdom Journal. Funeral expenses, when coupled with the sudden loss of income, can cripple a family financially.

Individuals who put off buying life insurance are likely to spend more money in the long run. Companies will insure young healthy people for significantly less money than the older population that may have developed health problems, the news source reports.  

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