Skier airlifted after fall in Wyoming

Jul 29, 2011

Skier falls 800-feet and is listed in critical condition

While skiing on a mountain in northwest Wyoming, a backcountry skier from Wisconsin tumbled 800-feet and is now in critical condition, according to the Associated Press. The skier, 33-year-old Ryan Redmond, fell over the weekend when he was skiing down a gully on Middle Teton Mountain, proving that it is never too early to purchase a life insurance policy.

Redmond was reached by rangers after his fall, who then secured him to a litter, allowing a helicopter to lift him off the mountain by cable. After being stabilized in a landing zone close by, Redmond was then airlifted to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

The skier, currently listed in critical condition, has not regained consciousness since the accident, the media outlet reports. Doctors are guardedly optimistic about Redmond's prognosis, according to Jack Shea, director of Teton Science Schools in Jackson, where Redmond had been volunteering through AmeriCorps.

The injured skier was with a group of people who had climbed the mountain with axes intending to ski down, the AP reports. Redmond was the first to attempt to ski down the mountain when he lost control and started falling.  

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