Skin Cancer Foundation: Go with your own glow

Nov 22, 2010

Healthcare professionals are trying to spread the message that tanning is no longer in fashion.

One of the nation's leading advocacy groups for skin cancer research has launched a new campaign aimed at spreading the message that natural glowing, healthy skin is far more attractive than that which is subjected to indoor tanning.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, a recent focus group consisting of beauty editors determined that "radiant skin is the new beauty idea," and that tanning "is not fashionable, or healthy, and is obsolete as a lifestyle."

To that end, the organization has launched a Go With Your Own Glow campaign that will consist of color print ads that emphasize health and safety as well as fashion.

The Skin Cancer Foundation has also been highlighting a new study which finds that women who were given sunless tanning products and some education about skin cancer were less likely to sunbathe in order to tan their skin.

Healthcare professionals have long warned that tanning, especially the indoor variety, presents the same cancer risk that cigarettes do. From a life insurance perspective, even those who survive a cancer diagnosis can expect years of higher premiums as well as other potential impacts to their quality of life.

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